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As rabbit breeders, rabbits are a very active and playful small breed of mammals. They are always happy and spinning around and blinking in the air when they are eating healthy food in and neat and clean place. They will love you like it’s love affection. There are many comparisons made between rabbits like dogs and cats when people talk about them like price, care health etc. Even though rabbits are domesticated animals, they are not as large and aggressive as dogs and cats. A small mammal species once lived in the wild but is domesticated by people because of its furry and soft fur, which feels like cotton when it touches one’s skin.

1. Pet Store: Is it the best place to buy rabbits?

  • It is not a good idea to purchase rabbits from hunters and Pardhi’s people. But their livelihood depends on it. Various methods are used to breed them extensively.
  • When you see rabbits selling them on a walk, you may have noticed they are having digestive issues when they are younger. This is due to the fact that the atmosphere is not tense and clean there.
  • Animal breeders should always be your first choice when purchasing rabbits. Petshop’s animal breeders possess a deeper knowledge of rabbit care compared to the people at Petshop.
  • The breeders in a rescue group are generally healthier and more socialized than their counterparts in the pet shops.
  • It is important to know the steps to adopt a rabbit, how to take care of them, and what to feed them if you plan to purchase one.

2. Rabbit Breeder: Choose a rabbit breeder with a good reputation.

  • If you are looking for a rabbit, you can purchase one from a rabbit breeder. Some breeders, however, are not knowledgeable about proper breeding practices or don’t provide proper rabbit care. There are breeders who simply want to earn a little extra money.
  • Rabbit owners should ask trusted friends or local vendors for recommendations when looking for reputable rabbit breeders. If you want to find out about rabbit breeders in your area, you can attend rabbit shows or search on Google rabbit breeders near me.
  • In order to be a good breeder, a breeder should be selfless and passionate about what they do, not just motivated by profit. If you would like more information about rabbits, they should be happy to provide it. Moreover, they need to make sure their clients know how to care for rabbits on their own.
  • Consider looking at the breeding facility when you visit the breeder. Rabbits should be healthy and happy, and the environment should be clean and well-maintained. You should be able to get references from other people who have purchased rabbits from a reputable breeder.
  • Ensure a breeder provides you with a health guarantee if you are interested in their services. If you are considering buying a rabbit from a breeder, take the time to read the guarantees and understand them.
  • Ask them over and over again about something you don’t understand if you don’t understand it. 

3. Rabbit Illness Sign: Look for signs of illness in the rabbit.

  • It is imperative to examine a rabbit for signs of illness, even if it comes from a reputable animal shelter or breeder. Ex. A rabbit may have a respiratory infection if it has a runny nose or trouble breathing.
  • In case you aren’t aware of how examining a rabbit can help you identify symptoms of health or disease. Then you should ask how and what treatment will be administered to the rabbit if you believe it looks sick.  

4. Rabbit Age: It is best to buy a rabbit at an appropriate age.

  • Purchasing a rabbit before it is four weeks old is a good idea. It is at this point that the rabbit is completely weaned from its mother and eating solid food for the first time.
  • Always make sure you don’t buy rabbits under four weeks of age – this may indicate unethical breeding practices.
  • Even though rabbits are cute, they enjoy chewing on almost anything. If you don’t keep an eye on them, chewing can mean doom if your dog suffers from weak jaw muscles and loses awareness of the environment.
Rabbit buying perfect age
Rabbit buying perfect age
  • A rabbit does not like to be held for too long, which makes it difficult for it to bond with you faster.
  • Three-month-old rabbits can get bored easily because they are very energetic. Having enough toys and extra time for your rabbit will keep him entertained if you have a teenage rabbit.
  • Adult rabbits are more likely to be caught by humans as they understand how to interact with them. Having young children might make adult rabbits a good choice. 

5. Buy a Couple Rabbit: Buying some rabbits is a good idea.

  • Despite their social nature, rabbits can be lonely if they don’t have a partner yet. Buying two or more rabbits at the same time is not an easy process.
  • It is important to think carefully about how to properly handle multiple rabbits because rabbits can be picky about their mates.
  • It is recommended to pair rabbit males with females, although same-sex couples can also be successful. There shouldn’t be a problem between two females, but there is usually a fight between two males. Being able to fight a rabbit is useful if you have had it with you since childhood.
  • A neutral area and a time can be helpful in arranging a meeting between the rabbits. Animal shelters may have separate rooms where rabbits can interact with each other. This will help you decide whether the pairing will work.

6. Rabbit Accessories Product: Start with basic supplies.

  • It is important for your rabbit to have many supplies in order to live a healthy and happy life in your home.
  • If you want to keep your pet in an enclosure, you will need a large, multilevel enclosure, which you can purchase from your local pet store. As well as a litter box and food utensils, a water bottle, litter, and plenty of chew toys, you shall need:
  • For cleaning your rabbit’s cage, you will need a litter scoop and disinfectant. As well as a “nest” box to sleep in, your rabbit will need a place to rest and sleep.
  • Feeding your rabbit fresh pellets and hay from your local pet store is equally important as buying fresh vegetables from the grocery store.

7. Cost: Find out what rabbit ownership costs.

  • It can be very cheap to own a rabbit in the short term and long term. The one-time purchase cost is associated with buying rabbits.
  • These supplies also include a cage, a feeder box, and a water bottle. The total cost of maintenance is Rs. 500/Rs. 600 is monthly. It is important to analyze your budget before buying a rabbit to ensure that you can adequately care for it.

Is there anything we can do?

  • At the beginning of the process, it is essential to purchase new wooden housing, food dishes, electrical cord protectors (rabbits chew on electrical cords), a litter box, and toys.
  • Feeding livestock requires regular fresh vegetables, hay, and litter. In addition to the cost of care, contingencies include veterinary care and furniture and toy replacement.

8. Healthy Lifespan Life: Analyze your availability for keeping a rabbit.

  • There is a lot of work involved in keeping a pet rabbit. Feeding your rabbit three times a day, cleaning his cage once a day, and thoroughly cleaning his cage once a week are all things you should do to keep him healthy.
  • As well as providing physical stimulation, you should provide mental stimulation (such as chew toys and playtime) to your rabbit.
  • In order to keep your rabbit happy and healthy, they require a minimum of one hour of outdoor play every day (for example, roaming on the terrace in the fresh air).
  • The lifespan of a healthy pet rabbit can reach 10-12 years. As a household member, consider if you are ready to take care of a rabbit for 10 years.

9. Rabbit Behaviour: Find out how rabbits behave.

  • The personalities and temperaments of rabbits can vary, just like those of other animals. Several of their breeds are also different in that regard.
  • You can make an informed decision about whether you should keep a pet rabbit if you consider these temperaments and others.
  • People’s socialization can influence a rabbit’s personality.
  • Little children love to be held and hugged by rabbits, so they make good pets for young children. Despite the fact that Rabbit’s children do not understand this, they also become accustomed to you each time you do this. 

10.  Rabbit Breed Choose your rabbit breed.

  • Approximately 50 rabbit breeds are recognized worldwide. Thorough research of all breeds might seem like an overwhelming task, but it will be well worth the effort.
  • Some breeds are more suitable for pets, while others are more suitable for breeding or showing.
  • A variety of rabbit breeds are popular pet rabbits, including New Zealand White Rabbits, Indian Dutch Rabbits, Flemish Rabbits, Soviet Chinchillas, Holland Hops, Angora Rabbits, etc.
  • Adult rabbits are becoming quite active in their daily lives. We see that some things become very moody in their behaviour during the rainy or winter season. Because this season is best for proper mating season. They will interact with women.  
All Rabbit Breeds In Group of 24 Hour Rabbit Breeder
All Rabbit Breeds in Groups
  • After five to six months of play, rabbits interact with humans more frequently. However, they become aggressive before they are neutered or in a mating mood.
  • There’s no wrong choice, but ensuring that “their nature” lasts for a few days may be more important than sex. Later they fight following the normal routine.
  • We just have to understand a little bit about their nature.


As a rabbit breeder, Rabbits love to start their day in the early morning. Whenever we went to the terrace our rabbit suddenly run behind the pet rabbit, he is playing with actively and when he is tired, he just sat in the sun. Relax.

So I felt that Moment, how rabbit loves nature purely….

But thinking about evening… I don’t think, they are enjoying the evening… but if you have a couple of rabbits, then definitely they are playing with each other… especially evening… because the cosy fresh air gives kicks it.

Here their environment is very friendly, and it is always comfortable for them to be around groups. I always love to see those groups sharing food and water.

sunset with rabbit bunny
Sunset with Rabbit

Seeing them together reminds me of my childhood time with them and I want to reconnect with them… yes… it may or may not be possible… but seeing them together makes me happy.

Specifically, there is a tagline that all pet lovers know and love about pet rabbits…
"A rabbit's foot may bring good luck to you."

However, as we have already said, rabbits like to keep themselves neat and tidy. But we need their living space like a cage, room etc. It is important to keep it clean.


1. Where can I buy rabbits in India?

Pet care advice

Rabbit is easily available in any local area. But you need to find out to take rabbits from any breeder. Because breeders always have to know the value of any pets.
If you want rabbits as pets for your home. Just fill out the forms.. 24 Hour Rabbit Breeder

2. Which day is best for buying a rabbit?

If you love rabbits, then every day is a unique day for making a bond with your pets.

3. Are pet bunny rabbits scared of guests?

Yes. Generally speaking, rabbits have a very unique sense of smell. They have the power of scent given by nature. So they got suspicious or some guest came to our house. They run around and hide under tables, beds, etc.