"A rabbit's foot may bring good luck to you."

The behaviour and body language quirks of rabbits are intriguing, so in this Short article, as a pet rabbit breeder will discuss of them and explain their meaning...

Q-1. Why do rabbits thump their foot?

Thumping the back foot is a natural reaction among rabbits in response to a threat they have spotted, heard, or smelled. As a rabbit breeder, my first reaction was when my rabbit would start thumping on the furniture or bed. A rabbit is not a vocal animal, so thumping is a reliable means of communicating with them. Stomping the back legs can also be an indication of annoyance in rabbit society. You may notice that your bunny is feeling irritated over something like you’re stroking its back for too long or the presence of your rather hyper dog outside its cage.

When we came to know about the thumping, it was our call for action that started working. Whenever we thumped with our feet, our rabbit would come running for the ” amazing food treat. ” Thumping their feet may be used to convey the message. In this case, you should just leave your rabbit alone for a while if your rabbit seems irked or uneasy at the time. There are territorial rabbits that thump when you enter their territory to warn you. Many of our pet rabbits accept us as part of their family, but any new person or animal will be given this attention, remind yourself that rabbit danger can come in many ways. If a car is walking nearby or even if your phone’s ringtone is loud enough.

Rabbit Thumping Jump
Rabbit Thumping Process

Q-2. Why is rabbit eating cecotropes(Poop)?

How many times have you caught your rabbit eating faeces(poops)? This is because your bunny is consuming seen cecotropes, which are nutrient-rich soft faeces. A bunny that seems to be bathing and comes up chewing appears to be bathing its belly. It is actually a sequel pellet that they are eating.

Rabbit Eating Poops
Rabbit Eating Poop

It is interesting to note that bunnies have two types of droppings

1. faecal pellets

2. sequel pellets.

Most of the rabbit’s nutrition comes from sequel pellets. If you see a rabbit eating its own waste, it seems they are getting the nutrition from these pellets. Healthy Poop is a very required thing for any size rabbit. Don’t try to stop them as they are actually re-ingesting their seen cecotropes to get the nutrients they need.